Ok, No Jeff Green Comments Yet

I thought I was ready to jump on the Jeff Green bandwagon after a great third quarter against Oklahoma City. Tonight, 0-9. I’ll hold off.

Bleacher report had a list of interesting statistics about the Celtics so far this season. Here’s another one that seems worth worrying about. The assists of everyone but Rondo are down. Pierce is way down; KG is down. Jason Terry is down from Ray Allen. I noticed this the other night when Rondo got 10 assists and the rest of the starting lineup had a grand total of 0. I think it was the same night that the Grinnell guy scored 138 and had 0 assists. (That’s a lot of touches in a game with a ton of points and ZERO assists? Include me with those who think his performance is more negative than positive). Tonight, Rondo had 16 assists and the rest of the team had 10. That says less ball movement, less extra passes, and a lot more standing around. It’s early–just a thought.


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