Jim Delany Loves the Tea Party


It’s obvious that Jim Delany is a Tea Party supporter, and I mean that not just by his fiscal sensibilities, but in his love of the founding in America. And in particular, the founding American borders. He remembers the days when Ohio and Michigan and Illinois were Northwest Territory. That’s for the Pac 10/12. But when he failed to get them on board with his historical understanding of territorial borders, he decided to return to the true midwest.

As we all know, (and if any of us forgot, check the above wiki map), what today’s street hipters refer to as “the midwest” is really the northwest frontier, once owned by the east. So, its been a misnomer for years for the Big East conference to include schools like Pitt and Georgetown. Georgetown is very SEC. And the Big 10, as Delany realizes, needs to include Penn State.

His mistake is including Rutgers and Maryland. I’d put both of them in the SEC, Union Division. Both states have always been securely outside of the frontier.

What Delany needs to do is set up a Big 10 into three divisions: Start with a power Virginia Conference: It’d have UVA, VT, WV, OSU, Kentucky, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana.

Then, a Connecticut Division: beside UConn, it’d have Penn State and Northwestern, Notre Dame, Iowa, and UIC.

Then, a Massachusetts Conference: UMass, Michigan, Harvard, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan State.

While we are at it, lets rename Northwestern, Northwestern Connecticut State. Michigan can be renamed Northwestern Virginia Tech. This allows the true Northwestern name to go to the University of Washington Alaska.


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