Mike Brown, Puerto Rico and the ACC

Mike Brown’s gone. That was fast, but it was inevitable. Brown’s a good coach, but this wasn’t the right group of guys for him. Good coaches are for teams that don’t have great players. Teams with great players need guys who 1), motivate and are liked and respected (Phil Jackson); 2), let them play wide-open basketball (Mike D’Antoni). A Bruce Bochy type willing to confront the team’s leaders doesn’t work with this team. And nor should it with this team–they have veterans who know how to play and are smart enough to do their own thing. They also have veterans who are proven winners (unlike Carmelo over in NYC). Kobe and Nash aren’t going to rebrand themselves at this point. Bring in D’Antoni.

Equally important, the Puerto Rican people have voted for statehood, so next stop is Congress (I think). Which raises important questions. As a 51st state, suddenly, PR is going to have huge implications on college sports. Especially in baseball. So what conference do they join? My guess is the ACC. You definitely heard this here first.


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