Celtic Pride

Big win for the Celtics yesterday. Problem is, it wasn’t the Boston version, unless going to overtime to beat the powerful Wizards is considered big.


The other big win has to go to Obama, defeating the ‘win by getting as many white votes as possible’ strategy of Mitt Romney (he achieved that–Romney got 59% of white voters, it’s just that Obama won everyone else). On the bright side for people like Trump and O’Reilly who are worried that ‘traditional America’ is disappearing, they might have a new basketball team to support. The win by getting as many whites as possible has put the Minnesota Timberwolves at 3-1. And they haven’t even brought out their biggest white guys, Love and Rubio yet.



Anyone with any sophistication of race will know that a very white basketball team (composed of white Americans, white Europeans, white Latinos) is not representative of what a wanna-be president Romney was envisioning, nor does it have the same implications for power and inequality. But this isn’t the moment for that conversation, and if all you care about is skin color, and you love it light, the T-Wolves are your team.


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