It’s nice when athletes make major statements with simple gestures. Or at least, it’s nice when I agree with the gestures. If you don’t like what Sergio Romo, or Grant Hill, Steve Nash and Los Suns have done for immigrant rights, at least temper your anger with this: NBA and NFL, and NHL owners are strongly preferring Romney with their extra cash. NBA players are all over Obama.  MLB owners are more bi-partisan.

I’m glad that Nate Silver used a sports reference to explain his claims that Obama’s chances of winning the electoral college are at 79 percent. Because, to the lay reader, that sounds pretty damn good for Obama. But to the sports reader…see for yourself:

“His chances of holding onto his Electoral College lead and converting it into another term are equivalent to the chances of an NFL team winning when it leads by a field goal with three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter.”

How many football fans are feeling comfortable when their team is up 3 with 3 minutes left? Does Obama have the ball? Does Romney have all his timeouts left? Since Obama is from Kenya and Romney is from Mexico, who is the home team? Since the refs (Supreme Court/electoral officials trying to stop people from voting) are as dubious as replacement refs, I’d be worried even if I had Aaron Rodgers on my team.


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