Because I don’t tweet and I’m about to lose my electricity…GIANTS WIN!

(I started this in the 3rd inning…it’s now over. But I’ll keep it from the beginning.)

I am taking an exception and writing an in-game update to all out there who are tired of reading the tens of thousands of tweets and listening to the FOX broadcasters and would rather hear from someone with no expertise beyond an unhealthy addiction to the Giants.

With most of the east coast likely to be unable to watch tomorrow night’s game, tonight’s game has greater urgency for the Giants to finish it because I want to see them win. (Not that I like their chances tomorrow against Verlander, nor do I like Bumgarner against a confident Tigers in game 6. And then, 3-3, is there any way the momentum is stopped? Has a team ever come back from 3-0 down to tie, and then not win? (ok–quick google search: found 3 NBA teams–’51 Knicks, ’94 Nuggets, 2003 Blazers–phew, I feel better with Vogelsong in game 7).

Quick thoughts likely to later regret:

1. I used to like baseball commentators who made in game predictions. I vaguely remember Joe Morgan saying after a pitcher struck out the side and the crowd going wild that he’d lost some velocity and would get hit the next inning–and I equally vaguely remember that he was right in a big way. Google that and figure out what happened.  Tonight’s commentator, Tim McCarver, had an amazing moment when he was complaining about the Yankees bringing the infield in against the D-Backs in game 7 because Mariano Rivera breaks so many bats; his complaint was followed by a broken bat to where Derek Jeter should have been standing and the D-Backs won the world series.  And if you google that and it turns out not to be true, don’t tell me. I’m already scarred by an event as a kid when I met an athlete I loved and told a game story about why I loved him and realized as I walked away that the story was entirely wrong, and it didn’t involve him at all. I didn’t sleep for days.

Anyway, where are the bold in-game predictions?  We need Steven A. to provide commentary with the kind of boldness that is wrong 95% of the time, but just occasionally turns out to be brilliant.

2. In the 3rd inning, Giants up 1-0, Max Scherzer’s on the ropes, getting hit hard repeatedly, most recently by Pablo Sandoval’s ripped single to right. There’s 2 on and 2 out for Posey. Posey hits a harmless fly to left on an unconfident swing from a pitch that he usually crushes. They lose multiple games and Posey starts to become THE story.

3. 50 mile an hour winds take a harmless fly from Cabrera and put it out in right.

4. Giants start swinging at the first pitch, grounding harmlessly to infielders. This is not so strangely familiar. Reminds me of most of the season.

5. Having googled about the 2003 Trailblazers, I’m confident that Vogelsong will come through in game 7.


And the first update. OF COURSE after what I wrote, Buster Posey hits a home run. And just after I realized that game 6 would be in SF on Halloween and I’m excited for that. But I’m more excited that this ends now.  Switching channels during commercials, and I’m listening to the great Don Lemon tell me that the east coast is seriously fucked, so I can’t confidently even think I’m watching the game Wednesday night, or even Vogelsong’s game 7. Time to bring in Timmy for another 2 and a 1/3rd before finishing with Romo?  It is time to post a picture. Shit…while looking, tie game. Picture posting on hold.

Update #2: 3-3 going to the 8th. Both teams get their lead off man on via 4 pitch walks. Both teams have their big studs, the 3-4-5 hitters coming up. Neither team does anything. Great pitching by both Coke and Affeldt. With one on, no out, and the 3-4-5 guys up, I’d have taken the odds with the Tigers doing better. But it’s a wash. In the 9th, with the bottom of the order coming up against the bullpens, I’d go with the Giants. But I just watched Pence strike out, and the Giants never do what they should, so this could be bad….and Belt and Blanco just struck out. Time to switch back to Don Lemon. Romney has to be feeling unlucky that he’s on record that he’s going to get rid of FEMA.

Update #3: The wind is picking up, the power isn’t going to last long. Quick thoughts. Giants win! Defining difference between baseball and basketball–the principle guys who finished the game: Castillo the winning pitcher, Theriot the winning run, Scutaro the winning rbi, Romo the save. None of those extra guys are ever involved at the end of an NBA season like this.

Update #4: The postgame interviews. I know people by definition love their own teams, but this Giants team has a lot of really good guys (as much as we know, right?). Romo–really good story. Scutaro. Pablo. Affeldt. Zito–redemption after so many bad years for a guy who seems like he never complained. And the stars are great too–Cain, Timmy, Posey, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, Pagan, Pence. The only guy I’m probably done with is Brian Wilson. But no negativity tonight. Did I mention what an amazing week Barry Zito has had? His whole life narrative has changed (in a sports sense, of course).

And if you didn’t see Phil Coke’s interview after the game–find it. Great response to stupid question.

Is there a 3rd championship in Cain, Bumgarner, Posey, Lincecum, and Panda?  Definitely time for a picture.


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