Giants are winning with a 5 man rotation


Zito            5.2  1  3

Bumgarner  7.0  0  8

Vogelsong   5.2  0  3

Lincecum    4.2  0  8

Cain           Tomorrow

Total          23.0 1  24

If you extend these numbers to 2 more games–the last 2 games of the 2010 world series (pitched by Bumgarner and Lincecum), it becomes 39 innings, 2 runs, 40 ks in their last 5 ws games.


If the series doesn’t take a crazy turn, the mvp is Pablo Sandoval. Second is Gregor Blanco. He’s fast.  If there’s a twist at all and the Giants still win, and Tim Lincecum plays another big 2.1, he’s in the running too.  NL mvp Buster Posey would be hearing a lot from the media if the giants weren’t winning.

On the flip side, if the Tigers win tomorrow, they are down 3-1 with Verlander going against Zito, and Verlander is favored. Then it’s 3-2 going back to San Francisco. Giants would still be in the drivers seat, but game 6 would be nerve-enducing, and Madison Bumgarner wasn’t awesome in game 2 despite the stats. And the Giants aren’t this good. I love them. I think they are better than the Tigers. But they have not played this well all year.

On the flip side of the flip side, Matt Cain pitched 7.2 of shutout ball in his last world series appearance, and the non-awesome Bumgarner has never given up a run in the world series.  And Lincecum is an awesome wildcard. (Have you ever seen a pitcher, while he’s still in the game but sitting on the bench between innings, joking around and looking totally unconcerned about his need to go back out on the mound?  If he fails, people would attack him for not having his head in the game, that he’s a flake. Ditto for Romo. But I’m all for it. Focus and seriousness is overrated in that Coach K kind of way.)

Are the Giants confident enough to let Aubrey Huff dh tomorrow?  Are they confident enough to let Brian Wilson go after the season?

First reaction: Trading James Harden makes the Lakers seem like the clear favorite in the west. The Rockets become a fun team to watch with two quick and out of control but really charismatic guards. At the same time, both Harden and Lin are likely to decline as players, at least in the short term. For OKC, this seems like the Celtics trading Perkins–makes sense on paper (this time b/c of Harden’s $ demands) but I bet it disrupts them enough to ruin this year.

I don’t like Notre Dame, but I appreciate that they play a tough schedule on the road every year. They’ve beaten 2 top 10 teams on the road and have one more against USC.  For that reason alone, they deserve to be in the BCS title game if they win out, over Oregon and KS. On the other hand, it’s not clear they beat Stanford.


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