Do the Giants have an advantage because they play close 1 run games all year?  What happened to all the Felix Rodriguez’s, Jose Cruz Jr.’s, and Rob Nen’s?  Does anyone on this team feel pressure in a big moment?

How is Sergio Romo as humble and relaxed as he is?  Is there a famous athlete who more seems like a random nice guy you’d meet at a bar?  He may not have been a closer before September, but he does have a world series ring, and he makes more than $1.5 million a year (so, he isn’t just a rookie with wide eyes–he’s seemingly (because for all I know, people who really know him could well thick he’s a cocky sob) humble in spite of success).

The Giants aren’t perfect, but they should be better next year. No more money to Aubrey Huff. Barry Zito pitching without the massive bear on his back. Brian Wilson either back or tradable for someone serviceable. Lincecum in a contract year. Sandoval, if he doesn’t gain 40 lbs, seemingly ready to emerge as a big time all-star.  The two Brandon’s ready to be better after basically having rookie years.

Can the sophisticated Giants fans hanging out in front of the ESPN post-game crew come up with better signs than Tuck the Figers?


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