Don’t want to be 3-1 down relying on Barry Zito

So, big game for Timmy and another opportunity to post a picture of him.  I’d be more worried, but nothing the Giants do makes any sense. When they should win, they lose; when they should lose, they win.  What worked for the Giants in 2010, and hopefully will work this year, is that they shouldn’t win it all, so they’ve got things where they want them.  The problem right now is that they are better than the Cardinals. ESPN poll was 2-1 Giants winning game 3 with Cain on the mound. Hence, trouble.

I totally buy this article by Tim Keown that closers in baseball are over-rated. Except when closers suck. It totally ruins the team and becomes the sole focus of the series and season.  Keown doesn’t mention the Brewers in the article. Or Calvin Schiraldi. Or Mitch Williams.  The bigger point, though, is when do you spend big bucks on which guys?  Everyone expensive this year seems to suck, and everyone cheap seems to be great.

Here’s the list of 2012 highest paid baseball players, and I’ll stop when I get to someone who is half decent this year.  ARod, Vernon Wells, Johan Santana, Mark Teixeira, Prince Fielder (maybe…tough one–not worth being the 5th highest, but no qualms at around 20), Joe Mauer, C.C. Sabathia.  C.C. is totally worth the cash. I stop there.  The Giants would kill to start C.C. in game 5.  If I kept going, I’d add Cabrera, Verlander, King Felix, and otherwise a lot of yuck.  At best, maybe 8 of the top 25 paid are worth anything close to big bucks. The Cardinals are up 2-1 after losing Pujols. The A’s beat out the Rangers and Angels.  The Yankees are full of over-paid guys who can’t hit.  The Red Sox and Marlins completely sucked with humungous payrolls. The Dodgers were a good story until they took on the humungous payrolls.  The Giants are winning despite all the money going to Zito, Timmy (it hurts to say it…show me I’m wrong Timmy!), and Aubrey Huff (maybe the worst pinch hitter in baseball).

Equally fascinating stuff in the NBA exhibition season. 12 assists for Lin, 31 points in a meaningless blowout by Kobe (during which his team was -26–ominous), Novak in mid-season form going 7-7 from 3 point range, KG head-butting the basket stanchion (a word I just learned from google) to fire himself up, Pierce making 6-8 3s (major positive if he takes his supplements and plays like he’s a few years younger this year), Darko getting a DNP coach’s decision, Leandro Barbosa joining Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley as pretty decent 2 guards, but none of whom constitute a true starter for a championship contending team. So, why add Barbosa to those three?  I guess he plays a bit more p.g.?  If depth matters, the Celtics are the team to beat.  They go 4 deep at the 2, 4 deep at center, 4 deep at power forward, with Rondo and Pierce playing 48 minutes a piece.  This can work.


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