Is Buster the next Jeter?

With Jeter’s injury, and Posey’s grand slam against the Reds, it seems so obvious. The torch is being passed on who is going to be the new face of baseball, the guy who is clean cut, good looking, plays the game ‘the right way,’ and also is excellent.  So many similarities–both Jeter and Posey won the ROY and a world series in their first year. Jeter won an MVP in his second season, and Posey likely will in his second full season.  Both live in important media markets. If the Giants win this world series, look for Buster to be the next big thing.

So, following the Buster plug, it’s also worth the shout out for Marco Scutaro and Ryan Vogelsong, the two heroes of game 2’s win–both of whom have had entirely different career trajectories than Posey-Jeter.  Both of these guys are making names for themselves in their mid-30s after moving around from different teams, leagues, and even countries.  Scutaro, of course, also showed how tough he is.


And yet another play for Steve Bartman’s files.  You can’t see from this picture, but this catch by Brandon Belt yesterday provided yet another example of how awful and unfairly Bartman was treated. Like every other foul ball, a home team fan reached out to try and catch it, nearly interfering with Belt. In this case, and unlike Bartman, the fan reached well onto the field of play.  In this one, Belt caught the ball, the fan said ‘my bad,’ and no one will remember.


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