How awesome is it that the Oakland A’s are in the playoffs and the LA Dodgers aren’t?  Oakland is ghetto hipster in every way that the new Brooklyn Nets are not. Horrible stadium, softball uniforms, advertisements for cheap lumber and discount plumbing, a working-class and diverse fan base that is intense and loyal (and small), and a team of players no one has heard of, or players that we have heard of and just thought they were over-rated as a utility backup on the Rockies.

For the last few years, the Texas Rangers are labeled the best team in baseball sometime in August. And every year, when the games mean something, the Rangers collapse.

The Giants have to start Tim Lincecum and he’s their 5th best starting pitcher right now.  But they have to start him.  I hope Zito gets a start. It was really unfair to leave him off the post-season roster in 2010.  He pitched well in 2010, as well as he did this year, and finished with a couple of bad starts. But you don’t pull him from the roster.  It’s not his fault the Giants offered him so much money.  He deserved better.  He deserved at least half the respect that Tim Lincecum is getting this year.

Before the debate began tonight, I was taking Romney as the media’s choice to win.  And yet, we get sucked into believing the media’s analysis that, surprise surprise, Romney won. Why was Romney going to win? Not because the media is pro Republican; because Obama is ahead, Romney is behind, expectations were that Obama is a better debater, and so Romney was going to be the winner.  We’ve got a horse-race, David Gergen says!  What possible chance was there that he wouldn’t of said that?  They’ve got another month to pretend to keep us interested.

Just one reason why I hate undecided voters–if I stare at the panels of so-called undecided voters that CNN etc have collected for the debate, I can tell by the general demographic of the people sitting there which candidate they will have perceived to have won the debate.


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