Labor is Back!

These replacement refs are the best thing for the skilled union laborer since the Wagner Act.

I only wish public school teachers could put the cameras on their replacements. When I was a kid, my teachers went on strike, but I had to go to school and deal with replacements. (I don’t like the word ‘scab’–call me soft, but I don’t blame the replacements; they may lack a certain courage, but they are desperate, and they deserve some sympathy). The replacement teachers, for a 10 year old kid like me, were awesome. We watched movies, we listened to a teacher practice his stand up, we ran around the room while another teacher read the newspaper.

This charade going on in the NFL also shows the irrationality of corporate capital’s attitude towards labor unions. It’s not about money, not about unions costing too much. The NFL and so many other corporations will spend far more fighting a union than just paying them. It’s about power. It’s about Mitt Romney not giving a shit about anyone but himself, and not wanting to have to actually bargain with anyone. Don’t negotiate, don’t compromise, don’t give a shit when the product you make sucks, and give even less a shit about the people who work for you. God bless the .1 percent.

—addendum: here’s a nice column from Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times, that adds a further counter to the dismissive tone of Jay Caspian Kang’s twitter claims that I discussed in the last post.


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