Lakers or Man U?


Despite the comparisons in that both teams just added the best player at their position to already elite squads, there’s one difference between the EPL and the NBA (and other American professional sports leagues) that I don’t get.

Man U now has Van Persie and Rooney, as well as Chicharito, and Berbatov…oh, and Daniel Wellbeck, on their front-line. Typically only 2 play.  This amount of talent, so much talent that half of them end up sitting on the bench, isn’t atypical in the EPL among the top teams. Man City’s Carlos Tevez is about 4th on the front-line depth charts, behind Aguero, Balotelli, and Dzeko.

What’s different is how these guys are willing to sacrifice playing–sometimes they barely play at all–to play for one of the best teams. It takes what someone like Ray Allen does in moving to Miami to a whole new level.  How many U.S. stars would sit at the end of the bench for any team?

Gotta go…I’ll continue this later.


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