Who Does Stephen A. Smith Work For?

Is it because guys like Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard, with no journalistic integrity or talent, have to rely on sucking off superstars that they now are shilling for Carmelo Anthony?  It’s obviously how Broussard got the Lebron scoop 2 years ago; and why Broussard said that the whole Knick team “quit” on D’Antoni, when everyone knows that only one guy quit (Carmelo).  Now Smith is relying on unnamed sources within the organization (otherwise known as Carmelo or friend of Carmelo) to attack Jeremy Lin.

But no worries, because Carmelo’s got the team he wants.  Good luck to him–If he has an all-star year, his team could win 48 games and maybe 2 playoff games. Sounds a lot like Denver.

Go Nets!


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