More Linsanity in NYC and this isn’t so good

This article is exactly right. It makes no sense to not sign Lin. And Carmelo is just going to go down as an even more selfish bore than he already is. Forget all the publicity Lin received this past year. What other rookie point guard has this kind of year and isn’t resigned? Ok, his contract is more than it should be–but his market value is worth more than other rookies. Guys get signed at market value all the time. What’s going on here? My suspicions are related to my previous post…

And what is the magic of Carmelo? The Knicks are not going to win (again), and they are likely not going to get into the top half of the playoff bracket, and with their current backcourt, they may not be the best team in NYC. And yet, everyone in the Knicks organization keeps making sure they have a team that’s going to maximize his shots so that they can go out 4-1 in the first round.


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