In light of yesterday’s momentous SCOTUS decision in favor of the POTUS (and if you care about such things like health care reform, it is fitting that on a night when a lot of Carolina guys got drafted, it’s a Tarheel that provides the best insight on what happened–so read this over at the monkeycage.)

I’m more interested in some of the lingo going on. SCOTUS and POTUS are annoying. I get it for tweets, but not for blogs. Especially when SCOTUS is longer than SC or SCt. And POTUS is just one less letter than Obama. Actually, it’s the same amount of letters. And it was one more than Bush. If Romney wins, then I’ll accept the use of POTUS.

Better lingo coming from one of the best lingo-ists out there–Jay Bilas. He was doing hall-of-fame work in the 2nd round of the draft tonight. He must have a copyright on the word “solid.” I just sent him an email asking if he’d blurb this blog with “solid.” That’s what we aspire to here.

When we dream higher, we think “terrific skill set,” “good motor,” “long,” (I prefer when he says “considerable linear extent in space”) and “versatility.” What we don’t want to be called is “a reach”, or even “a great locker room guy.” I think the latter means, they waive the towel and pass out gatorade.



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