Heat are going to win, but I really didn’t think it would happen this way


What I mean by that is that they are going to win because the other team, despite being more talented, keeps self-destructing in its youth.  I thought the Heat were going to win championships with athleticism and dominance. Instead, they are winning by being the Celtics–crafty, poised, big shots from role players, and getting under the skin of the other team. This isn’t the big 3 dominating and beginning a dynasty–its an older, crafty team, trying to hold on for one championship. But what do I know…

Brooks is not a big game coach, and he’s being out coached by Spoelstra?

I thought Ibaka would be a bigger factor in this series.

When point guards go for plus 40 in the playoffs, do they ever win?  Westbrook, Rondo, I remember a bunch of games by Kevin Johnson like this back in the 90s….

For next game: do the Thunder have any confidence left? (Durant isn’t inspiring much in his post-game speech–he didn’t even dress up and he looks like he needs a hug. I’m glad his mom was there to give him a pep talk as he walked off the floor). They swept through the Spurs, Lakers, and Mavs because they were fearless. Now, there’s fear. Is Harden done? Should he shave the beard to make a turn around? Will the referees ever call a foul when Durant and Westbrook drive?

Repeat: how does Russell Westbrook not get fouled on all those drives? How does Durant not get fouled? I understand that Wade is still getting his star-calls when he dives, but how about a little love the other way?

Could the Heat possibly lose now that they are this close…at home?

Oh, I love that after David Stern issued his racist dress code to stop Allen Iverson from dressing hip hop, the players one up it by being the most stylish hipsters out there.


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