No Conspiracy, but Bad Officiating


That’s one of Wade’s many shots where he wasn’t fouled but one was called. Because when Wade drives, a foul is always called.  And that’s fine. Stars get calls.

So….why doesn’t Durant get calls? End of game 2? Tonight? He keeps driving and nothing gets called.

To the Thunder’s lack of credit, they played young tonight. Durant gets some bad calls, but he also puts himself in spots to commit silly fouls. The Heat are playing the role of the savy veterans, able to lure calls.

And, Lebron is the best power forward in the league, a position he doesn’t play. I still think the Thunder win in 7. But if they play young in game 4, and give another one away (they gave this away in the 3rd), then there’s lots of pressure for a close-out game. But the Thunder are the better team. The Heat played amazingly well in the first half and couldn’t pull a lead of any consequence. But I worry the Thunder are going to be too young. (Harden…WTF?)

Hey ESPN, I’m fired up after another great game, and you’re showing…golf highlights?!? Enthusiasm is sapping fast.

(BTW, because I have no television screen worth watching, I looked at the photo above again. Check out the first row in the photo…is that the guy from Curb Your Enthusiasm sitting next to the other prince of England?)


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