Great Game


Awesome series, great fourth quarter. I think this goes 7.

Two annoying things. One, the referees are too important. There’s no conspiracy, but their role is way too important to the flow and outcome of the game. Too many bailout calls, and too much flopping.

Two, why is ESPN so pro-Heat? Except for the end of game 5 of the Boston series when they turned on them like a pack of wolves. Now they are back on the bandwagon. What are they seeing that the public is not?  In the Boston series, they just under-rated the value of point-guards (Rondo), like they always do. Even Magic Johnson ignores this!  But in this series?  LeBron’s playing great. But I think the Heat are giving the Thunder more credit than ESPN is.  When the Heat lose, it’s their fault; when they win, it’s because they are triumphant. My only guess is that ESPN doesn’t have journalists, they have star-lovers, and they love LBJ and DWade, and they don’t know the Thunder as well. Even Magic is part of the star era–these guys don’t value depth or coaches.

LeBron deserves to win. He’s not Michael Jordan. He’s part Shaq, part Rondo, part Magic.  But the rest of the Heat are mediocre. And, if he doesn’t win now, he’s in trouble. KD is winning many titles this decade. This series isn’t like last year–it isn’t about whether LeBron shows up or not. He is. It’s about whether they are as good as the Thunder. I don’t think they are.


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