After suffering through so many series of being called old and slow, it’s fun to watch Miami be ‘old’ and ‘slow’


One difference is that Miami doesn’t have Doc Rivers. (Funny comments last night from LeBron about the lack of game plan coming from the Miami coaches at half time.)

A second difference is Kevin Durant. It’s not like the Celtics were going to be able to guard him. LeBron is the best hope to slow him down. And can anyone slow down Westbrook?  Not Wade or Chalmers.  And Harden didn’t even really play yet. Let’s see what Miami comes up with in game 2.

Oh, and while OKC is showing LeBron and Miami what it can do with a series of top draft picks (Durant, Westbrook, Harden, all picked in top 4 of draft in 3 consecutive years), are we going to see the fruits of a similar effort in Cleveland (making their third top 4 pick in two years, after having taken Irving and Thompson)?  Hmm… (For the record, if Danny Ainge gets the opportunity to sign both Howard and Williams, or is offered LeBron, DWade, and Bosh in a trade for Ryan Hollins and future considerations, I am all in favor. Go Big Three-Agents! F-building through the draft! Look at Golden State for that!)

(Also for the record, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that wouldn’t be fixed for the Celtics, if they get LeBron this off-season. Why do we need to complicate things–get LeBron, and let’s win some championships.)

If the Celtics have a chance to draft Austin Rivers (and right now projections have it close), do they? Would Doc and Austin want that?  Have we had a coach-son combo in the NBA? I’m too lazy to wikipedia it right now…oh wait…hold on…ok, not that I can tell. Dunleavy never coached Dunleavy, right?


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