“Pack for a week”

That’s what Doc Rivers wrote on the board after last night’s loss and it sounds like a desperate ploy to pretend they didn’t just blow something big last night.  But desperate seems to be the only way the Celtics play well, so be it. And I don’t doubt that they’ll play better tomorrow than they did yesterday.  But this isn’t just about them–they let another team, a more talented team, that was doubting itself, fight another day on their home court. Not good.

On the other hand, when OKC finished off the Spurs, I relaxed. The Celtics aren’t going to beat OKC, and I don’t even mind, because you cannot root against a team whose star player hugs his mom with 14 seconds left in the game. OKC is the feel good story of the NBA, and I’m ready to embrace it.  Especially if it’s against the Heat.


Ranking on a scale of dirty and evilness, UEFA might be just below the Koch Brothers and above the NCAA. Here’s UEFA’s latest non-response to racist chants by eastern European “fans” against certain players on the Dutch team.  Hand it to David Stern and the NBA on this, in comparison. The league has been tough on acts of prejudice, from racism to homophobia (less good on sexism, but not as terrible as most other highly testosterone institutions).




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