No one is talking about the Celtics, even now. It’s all about Miami’s failures. Why can’t LeBron and Wade finish games?  Good questions (and yet another quiet 4th quarter for the King, right after seeing Kevin Durant show us how a star is supposed to handle those moments).  But this game–so many turning points, so many things to say. So, just a rambling set of thoughts.

1. Celtics got so many of the ’50-50′ possessions, most dramatically with the brilliant Rondo rebound pass to Pietrus after an equally brilliant block by Wade.  The only one they lost of these possessions was the great hustle steal by Cole after the turnover, (and I thought at the time that it was the turning point).

2. This was KG’s best game since…2008?  Shooting, dunking, blocking. He was athletic, he was intent, he asserted his will. A statement game for him.

3. Celtics’ big 3 (right now, excluding the injured Allen) is out-playing the Heat’s big 2 and they have for the last 4 games. The C’s are doubling LeBron and Wade at every turn, and Miami doesn’t have a 3rd guy.  KG, in this series with the defense he faces, is just as dominant as Wade.  Rondo and Pierce can hold off LeBron.  And after that…Allen and Bass and Pietrus are up against Chalmers, Haslem, and Battier, and tonight they won.

If you were playing pickup basketball with these guys and picking sides–LeBron gets picked first. Does the other team pick Wade, or KG? And with the second pick, does LeBron’s team take Wade or Rondo? I think they take Rondo. After Wade goes with the 4th pick, that leaves Pierce 5th, And after that, it drops off. Point being, this series is not an upset.

More irrelevant observations:

1. Daniels defense on Wade at the end of game 4 was…porous.

2. Seeing Amare tonight, why aren’t there more NBA players sitting in the front rows at games? Maybe they are in the press box? I saw tweets of Nate Robinson and Big Baby being in the arena after the game.

3. Is Wade starting a new fashion trend with glasses that have no lenses? He’s taking the NBA love of big black glasses to another level. Is there any doubt, watching the playoffs, that NBA players are the best dressed athletes/people in the world right now? Amare, LeBron, DWade, KG, Ray Allen, Kobe, KD, the amazing James Harden who deserves a GQ cover yesterday…but, not Rondo. Someone said he’s dressed like something out of Star Trek.


1. Rondo is going to be the Celtics LeBron, not because of equal talent, but because both of them leave their fans shaking their heads in both amazement and confusion.  One minute is sublime, the next minute is WTF?!? (Note Rondo’s back-court violation or the missed uncontested layup, followed by the hustle rebound and put-back).

2. Yet another gut check for LeBron coming up on Thursday. One of these days, he’s going to come out and do what he did years ago to Detroit. Hopefully not this Thursday. But are the ESPN guys who picked the Heat at around 8 pm tonight and are now saying the Heat are totally done and in need of a breakup, equally over-reacting? The narrative on these stories changes fast in the land of tweets and sports centers. The difference between this game and game 2 are a few critical 50-50 plays that went the C’s way this time.

3. Thank god Danny Ainge didn’t get his wish and make all his trades.  No matter what happens from now on, this final run has elevated this group to yet another level, beginning perhaps (and they’d need another championship to do it) to start rivaling the big 3 of the 1980s.  That team played in 4 finals, winning 3 championships, and went to 3 additional conference finals, over 8 years. This 3, if they win on Thursday, will be going to its 3rd finals in 5 years. Game 6 in the Garden is going to be loud. Checking stubhub…



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