Celtics v. Thunder and Moneyball

It’s tough. I don’t know who to root for in the western conference.  When Miami is beating the C’s, I want OKC. That will be an exciting finals, and I think OKC will beat Miami.  At times–not my best times–my general preference is for anyone to beat Miami, with caring about the Celtics a second choice.  In those times, OKC is my team.  (How many times have I googled Russell Westbrook’s height after watching a crazy dunk?)


On the other hand, if the Celtics beat the Heat, they match up better against the Spurs.  Who guards Durant?  How do they score points inside against Ibaka and Perkins?  I don’t like it.  I think OKC is our NBA champion, 2012. Congratulations!  I’m a fan–is there anything to NOT like about that team?  The only thing that’d be better is if they were still in Seattle.

But if they stay together, dynasty.  How are they not the team to beat next year?  What do they need?  Maybe someone to get them some points in a half court offense?  They can find that.  No one else out west can compete next year unless the Mavs land both Williams and Howard, or the Lakers can trade Pau for Chris Paul.

But, in the meantime, back to the east.  Why are the Celtics only portrayed as old and gritty?  The media always comes up with a label or a short story for a player/team, and they are stuck with it.  It’s true when a player gets a bad rap.  It doesn’t matter what happens after–you can get a jay-walking ticket–and the story is, ‘that player has always been trouble.’  Same with teams–once defined, no one’s willing to change.  But, what if the story on the Celtics is –a premier point guard, maybe the best point guard in the league, leading a team with 3 outstanding players, a great defensive-mindset, and a great coach?

Let’s go ‘Moneyball’ here for a second:  One of the points of moneyball is to stop thinking about guys based on a comparison to their prime, and start thinking about them based on their current performance.  KG and Paul Pierce are perfect examples.  Forget the young KG.  The now KG ranks still ranks very high among centers. Very high.  And Pierce as a 3?  Still damn-near elite, and when inspired by Tebow, he is elite.

Dwayne Wade, btw, is getting old(er).  He’s fading and pump-faking on his shot.  He’s fouling more because he’s just slightly slower, jumping just slightly lower, and as a result, LeBron’s dynasty in South Beach is getting shorter.  If Wade makes it to the finals, he’s going to get exposed by Harden and Westbrook.

“The Watch” looks awesome. I laughed really hard in the extended commercial version. I’m assuming its intent is to make fun of certain types of people in Arizona and Florida?



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