Celtics v. Spurs


Watching both teams provides a great comparison. Both are playing athletic teams with some of the best young talent in the NBA and multiple MVP caliber players.  Both have an old center. Both have banged up shooting guards.  Both have quick point guards that have become the center of their teams.  If you were to do the matchups, am I wrong with the following?

Duncan v. KG:  Right now, Equal, maybe even slight edge KG?

Allen v. Ginobli:  Ginobli, big.

Rondo v. Parker:  Depends on the game.  Probably Parker, but close.

Pierce v. Leonard:  Pierce big.

Bass v. Diaw:  Close, but I’d go Bass.

So what’s the big difference?  The extra parts?  Green is a nice shooter, but the other guys aren’t notably different. Splitter v. Steinsma? Popovich v. Rivers? Maybe, but that isn’t huge.

So why do the Celtics look so old and the Spurs so fast?  Why do the Celtics struggle against everyone, while the Spurs haven’t lost in the playoffs.  Lessons for the C’s:


Rondo needs to learn how to make a layup.  Then learn how to make a floater.  Then continue to improve his jump-shot. And he needs to run.  When the Celtics are running because he’s running, they are scoring.  Parker is constantly bailing his team out when they need him. Rondo can do that. He just has to do that.


Stop worrying about LeBron.  The Thunder’s big 3 had like 90 points tonight. Just play offense!

Oh, and Paul Pierce…it’s about time for a big game.  I feel one coming. 




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