Watching Carmelo Makes Me Love LeBron


LeBron James isn’t 17-37 in the playoffs, despite also playing a bunch of years with a not so great team.

LeBron James didn’t take 31 shots, while no other starter took more than 7.

LeBron James plays defense.

LeBron James doesn’t sulk when his team isn’t doing what he wants, and try and get his coach fired, and himself traded. (Oh wait…)

It’s a sports blog, and the biggest news of the day is President Obama declaring his support for gay marriage. So, thank you Charles Pierce at for running a timely story on the potential decline of homophobia in sports.

“In the past 10 years, we have seen the barriers to marriage equality fall. In the past year, we have seen the bar to gay people serving openly in the United States Armed Forces fall. (Pretty soon, at one of our bizarrely militarized major sporting events, we may have four gay pilots doing the flyby.) Sports were supposed to be the last real redoubt, and you can feel the ground shaking there, too.”

Ok, so Pierce’s comments about sports is a bit gender specific. Women have been out in a lot of sports for quite a while.  But still, it’s comments like these in mainstream places like grantland that ought to be read by Anthony Kennedy when he gets ready to decide the constitutionality of gay marriage.  As Pierce says in response to the bigoted subject of his story, “somebody should take him aside and explain to him that the world is changing around him and that, for everyone’s sake, it’s time for him to adjust or get out of the way.”  Other haters should take heed, and get out of the way as well.


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