Carmelo Improves to 17-36 in Playoff Games


Maybe Jeremy can help?  He *might* be back for game 5.  Not that it will help–he won’t be ready, and this is Carmelo’s team anyway. And Carmelo’s got the team the way he wants it–all about him and his 30 shots, and good enough to go 5 games as an 8 seed in the playoffs.  17-36 in the playoffs for his career?

So, why, then, are we always blaming LeBron for being LeBron?  LeBron had Carmelo’s situation in Cleveland–although, he won with it and got his team to the finals once–and has not only found a team where he shares the ball, he gets attacked constantly for sharing the ball.


I’ve come around on LeBron. He’s vacuous and egotistical, but who isn’t in the crowd of elite basketball players?  He passes the ball, he plays hard on offense and defense, and he’s really tough–he takes vicious hits all the time and just keeps playing.  He needs to go to the Celtics and play with Rondo and Pierce.


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