That picture sums up last night’s Hawks-Celtics game. Ugly and awkward.  On a night when Erick Dampier played big minutes (and where’s Stackhouse? Get him in there), the Celtics won ugly.  They look terrible, and thankfully, without Josh Smith, Atlanta looked worse.  End this series, so we can get to something better.

Michael Cunningham wrote last week that, “I think Tracy McGrady s going to have a big series for the Hawks.” He’s not yet wrong, and he may end up being right. McGrady is emerging. He’s looking athletic. He doesn’t really fit in on a team with Smith-Johnson-Teague, but he’s impressing.

Next year, could we take the worst team–and perfectly, Charlotte is that team–and instead of rebuilding with youth, build a savy, gritty, old guy team? Start with MJ. At 50, he’s a perfect center-piece. Add Barkley, fresh off his new weight-loss. Then grab Stackhouse, McGrady (only 32, but 70 year old knees), maybe KG, maybe J-Kidd (not Grant Hill because he still is too athletic–we want creaky guys on this team).  Pippen can definitely still play based on his celebrity all-star appearance.  One more try for Shaq?  Would they go to the playoffs? Probably not–but they’d win 30 games, and I’d watch them. And each year, they’d ‘rebuild’ by adding the latest new retiree.  Perhaps Kobe, Nash, and Ray Allen in 2 years?

Lots of good human interest stories this week…

Estimates from the Center on Disease Control is that there are fewer than 70 7-footers between the ages of 20-40 in the United States, and 30 of them are in the NBA.  Roy Hibbert is one of them; one of the best of them; and according to Jordan Conn, he couldn’t do a pushup his freshman year in college.

Great article by Jonathan Abrams on the divergent careers of Tyson Chandler and Eddie Curry. Is part of the difference that Chandler has figured out how to be a number 3 guy in a system, whereas Curry still focuses (repeatedly in this article) on his ability to “dominate’? 

Oil Can Boyd smoked crack while pitching with the Red Sox.

Aubrey Huff discusses his anxiety attacks.

Man City won the biggest game in the EPL, but will Man U win it all when Man City loses to Newcastle this weekend?


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