Another Night, Another Man Down and Another Crazy Game out West


Am I the only one whose first thought when hearing Amare punched a fire extinguisher (meaning he could well be out for the year given that the Knicks have 2 games left) after tonight’s Knicks game, was that he was swinging at ‘Melo?  He took 9 shots to Carmelo’s 26.  Think he’s missing Nash?

Is Indiana-Orlando actually happening?

Did Delonte West throw down on OKC? After Air-Sanity did in game 1?  Can Jason Kidd dunk at this point? (I’m guessing not given how many times he tries the kind of scoop shots driving down empty lanes that are most typically attempted by 4’5″ 7th graders.)

Is it accidental that one of the nation’s whitest cities has a crowd all dressed in white shirts?

MVP of the night:  LeBron. Every now and then, in my search for someone interesting to name the night’s most valuable player, I have to go back to the league’s best defender. It wasn’t a great game by his standards, but he’s the reason they won and the reason they are going to the finals.  (Note to interns: start deleting the posts that said the Celtics would win the east).

Scratch the MVP to LeBron. Too obvious. Let’s go with Russell Wesbrook, followed by LeBron’s favorite ex-teammate, Delonte West, simply for being relevant.


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