Another Day, Another Lost Point Guard and Another Crazy Finish

Ok, they aren’t the same thing. Derrick Rose tore his ACL and is out for the year.  Rajon Rondo took another step closer to starting to be defined by his instability.  But if he’s suspended more than one game for his referee bump, we could see the Atlanta Hawks playing the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.  Actually, no. The Bulls will still beat the Hawks. I’m not so sure the Celtics won’t either, even without Rondo.

The game of the day was again out west, again ending after midnight on the east coast.  Actually, the game was a blowout.  And then the Clippers went on a 26-1 run. Nick Evans of the Wizards comes in and scores 3 3s in a row in the final minutes.  What a crazy ending. Just like Saturday night when the Mavs seem to have a win over the Thunder, Sunday its the Clippers. Except this one involved the largest comeback in playoff history. I think…it seemed that way, at least.

Our photographer, thinking the game was over, left early to catch some shots of tomorrow’s Milwaukee Brewers-San Diego Padres game.  He tells us he shot this one in the first half before the Clippers switched from white to red uniforms.



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