Dallas at Oklahoma City


All those television shots of Mark Cuban looking worried tonight?  He should be ashamed. Dallas deserved more this year, and tonight they showed why. Dirk is still unstoppable. Vince Carter and Jason Kidd looked like their Nets days. And Jason Terry is one of the most dangerous playoff players in the league.  Think what they’d do with Tyson Chandler matching up with Ibaka.

OKC is the most exciting team in the league. Ibaka was a game changer all night. Harden, Westbrook, and Durant are an amazing three-some.

MVP: With 2 minutes left and Dallas up 7, it’s Jason Terry because has no fear and cannot miss.  With 24 seconds left and OKC up 1, it’s James Harden for amazing defense and the steals on Dirk in the last minute.  At the buzzer, obviously a huge and incredible shot by Durant, but I’ll stick with James Harden, with Ibaka a close second for equally incredible defense all game long.

Prognosticator MVP: Chuck Klosterman for predicting Dallas would be a handful.


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