This team can win the east


The big 4 are making a final stand.

It’s not like the Heat were looking past them tonight, and it’s not even like the Heat didn’t play well. LeBron (36 points–2 for 7 in the 4th, but that’s not atypical LeBron, right?) and Wade were great–they played like 2 of the best players in the league. Bosh was working hard and played big late. But Rondo is a superstar. Pierce is still absolutely elite, absolutely unafraid. KG played elite tonight. Keep feeding him whatever vitamins he’s on. If those 3 things can stay consistent, then the Celtics have 3 go to guys and a lot of premium depth with Allen, Bass, Bradley, Steimsma, and Pietrus. Sasha won’t be hitting 3’s in the playoffs, but otherwise this team isn’t playing over its head. And in the playoffs, there’s always at least one day off in-between games. And Miami–like the Celtics–doesn’t have a center who can do damage.

The photo above isn’t the best. Pierce’s biggest baskets tonight were with his left hand. But, our photographer was sent to the Bobcats-Cavs game tonight, and we are left grabbing what we could find off the wire.

Instead watch this video of Pierce from years ago trash talking his way with Al Harrington in the playoffs as he counts down a final shot. The truth.

(Coming soon, the best final second shots where the player isolates, dribbles the ball while the clock goes down to zero, and hits the shot. Right now, Pierce, Lin, and MJ immediately stand out. So does this one by the greatest player with a mullet ever.)

What will be the most amazing story of the 2012 playoffs? The Celtics beating the Heat in 6, or the Suns making the playoffs? If they beat the Grizzlies tomorrow night in Memphis, are we going with a Steve Nash poster?


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