The NBA and Trayvon

“Less than half an hour after Trayvon Martin died face down in gated grass, a privileged crowd of 17,000 rose to their feet at the N.B.A. All-Star game in Orlando, 20 miles to the south, to sing the national anthem.

Jarring. And just another reminder of the relationship that is race and sports.

So, good move by ESPN to allow its employees to tweet pictures of themselves wearing hoodies in solidarity with Trayvon; as of Friday they had not.  And, what’s up with only 36 percent of whites in America reporting that they think race was a factor in Martin’s death? Maybe they are the one’s who, like Buzz Bissinger, think the NBA needs more white players.

Better news for unrepentant homers. Best records in the NBA East since March 1:

Bulls, 14-6; Celtics 14-7; Heat 12-8

(Also of note–Spurs 15-3; Suns 15-7; Thunder 12-8; Grizzlies 12-8 (but road wins in April over Heat and Thunder)

In Avery Bradley, we believe.


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