Post-Game: OKC/MIAMI (The Rematch)

I’m starting to think that this is what I want to see in the NBA finals. 3 Reasons:

1. The two best players in the NBA are guarding each other. Full Stop. When’s the last time that’s happened?  Even Larry and Magic didn’t guard each other. MJ-Starks was in the eastern conference finals (I know, otherwise, that’d be your first choice).

2. Kendrick Perkins’ fouls.

3. Incredible, pure basketball with amazing energy and speed. Watching these teams, I see a speed of play and crispness of passing that is unparalleled. These teams don’t slow down. They throw 3/4 length passes with reckless abandon and they don’t miss. I haven’t seen a team like OKC since the Suns when they still had Joe Johnson. And these guys have better facial hair.

Which means–I really hope San Antonio doesn’t screw this up by beating the Thunder. Same with the Bulls. I appreciate gritty. But I want seven games of speed, dunks, and WWF throwdowns between Perkins and Wade.

Doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for Lakers-Celtics 3.

At a meeting of the minds tonight, some of our corporate higher-ups were suggesting we post something on some of the true characters of the game. We started with Bison Dele and couldn’t get past his identical twin who may have killed him and taken over his identity.

I’m not even going to google that for verification. But, on another planet, welcome back Gilbert Arenas.


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