POST GAME: miami/okc

Interesting moment last night in Heat-Thunder game. Miami was coming back on the Thunder midway through the fourth quarter. Then, this happened.

Why does it matter? Because just like the famous Kevin McHale take-out of Kurt Rambis in the NBA finals, Perkins and the Thunder were sending a message that they were going to set the physical terms of the game. The play itself could have been a footnote to nothing. But Miami’s response was telling. Check out LeBron’s response in the video. Nothing. And what happens on the next play?

Perkins dunks again! The final minutes of the game following the play? All Thunder.

It’s just a regular season game, but those final minutes are why Miami is not yet ready to win. Are the Heat tough enough to win when they get knocked down? Do they care? I think Wade does. He wanted a piece of Perkins, but no one was with him. No one fought back, no one shot back, no one seemed to care. Maybe they remember this for next time? Or maybe they need an enforcer–Rasheed is still available, right? But they better do something because the playoffs are loaded with teams that cannot match Miami in terms of skill, but have guys who like to intimidate and get under people’s skin. LeBron is as tough a guy as anyone physically (see his collision with Grant Hill on Thursday). But last night’s non-response isn’t  helping certain parts of his reputation.

Totally unrelated, but necessary to be repeated. Here’s Mike Francesa, a hall-of-fame unrepentant homer every weekday on WFAN, expressing his disgust of the Tim Tebow trade this past Friday afternoon: “He had a million three and outs last year. He had a zillion three and outs!”

What I love about sports talk radio is that they fill up multiple hours with one thought. Have thought, repeat thought over and over and over and over, each time a little louder, with a little more outrage. Then, when ‘a million three and outs’ just seems a little too understated, reach back, skip a billion–(because it is still possible that Tebow had a billion three and outs last year in the half season that he played)–and sprinkle on just a little bit of hyperbole. Awesome.


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